College student at a computer monitor within a shared workspace.


Crossover to a great career at BlueCross

Our BlueBridge internship program gives you the mentoring, business skills and hands-on experience that can help you jumpstart your career at BlueCross. So explore the advantages of starting out – and staying with – Tennessee’s top employer.
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College student at a computer monitor within a shared workspace.


Career-Starting Internships at BlueCross

You can fast track your career at BlueCross. Our BlueBridge internship program prepares you to cross over from college to working professional, giving you the upfront experience and mentoring support you need to succeed.
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Courtney Bramlett

Courtney Bramlett
BCBST Employee and Former Intern

From the very first day as an intern at BCBST, I felt valued. Being included in group activities, luncheons, and volunteer activities, made me feel as if I was part of BlueCross, and being given the chance to participate in forums with Leaders and worked closely with my division were wonderful opportunities for me. Not only did I learn from BlueCross but I feel as if I made a positive contribution to the organization.
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Interns are a part of our team

Like our BlueSky TN Institute for technology students, we make sure our BlueBridge interns connect with each other and learn together as cohorts during their internship experience. But we also work to embed each intern in real-work projects and initiatives, with mentors on hand for guidance and support.
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Who’s eligible?

College students who have completed at least two years of school are eligible for an internship, as are recent college graduates or those enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program. Interns work at least 20 – but typically 30-40 – hours each week.

When you work at BlueCross, you make a meaningful impact on the health of your friends, family members, and people across Tennessee and beyond. Join us now and make your mark.

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Q&A with BlueCross Interns

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